Who is Faberbros?

Faberbros is a domain portfolio monetizing, investing and managing company. You can find more information on our About Us page.


How does Faberbros monetize domain names?

We use a unique Real Time Bidding System (RTBS) that has integrated a large number of Zeroclick ad networks as well as Google/Yahoo parking companies and Tier 2 feeds. Each unique visitor is first screened in real-time, and then sent to the provider who is bidding the most for that specific unit of traffic. This is far more effective than simply sending all traffic to the one parked page.

Essentially, we have created a new marketplace for domain names, that sells the highly valuable type-in traffic to the highest bidder.  This provides a far better result than utilizing only a few partnerships with parking companies.


How is Faberbros different from Parking companies and other domain rotation systems?

This is a two part answer. We are not a Google or Yahoo parking company. We do not have a direct affiliation with Google or Yahoo, nor do we seek to create one. In fact, it would be counter productive. However, we do use Google and Yahoo parking providers and we are on the highest tier rev share possible with nearly all parking companies. The time/money/effort required to develop a new parking system and creating direct relationships with Google or Yahoo would only be a distraction for us.

Domain rotation companies typically operate on a trial and error basis. This involves traffic being rotated to several parking providers and whoever pays the most receives most/all of the traffic for that given domain. We operate quite differently. We keyword every single domain name and send the traffic to the provider that is monetizing the best in real-time, ie. whoever is bidding the most for that unit of traffic in that moment.


What is Zeroclick?

Zeroclick is an alternative to traditional parking. Rather than a page of ads simply being displayed, with the hope the user will click on a paid link, traffic is sent directly to pages where advertisers have purchased each unit of traffic. Each advertiser will gauge whether a particular source of traffic converts on their offer. If it does, they will pay accordingly, often much more than Google or Yahoo would pay for the same unique visit.


How can I test with Faberbros monetization?

We are open to testing medium to large portfolios only. We typically will not test portfolios making under $100 per day. The monetization test is very simple. You change the nameservers of your domains to our nameservers and the testing phase begins. Email us to get started with a test: contact (at) faberbros.com


How does the testing phase work?

The first step is for you to send over the domains you wish to test, where we will individually and manually keyword your domains. From here we will run our own testing on Tier 2, Google and Yahoo providers only. After 2-3 weeks, once we’re satisfied a baseline of performance with these providers  has been achieved, we will turn on the Zeroclick RTBS. Only traffic that beats the parking provider baseline will be sent to Zeroclick – this is the key to our success.


Will Faberbros guarantee revenue?

Yes. Before the testing phase, we will ask you for previous stats history on each domain you would like to test. Once we’ve analyzed your portfolio in detail, we will make a decision as to potential performance of your portfolio. During the testing phase, we will guarantee the revenue your portfolio was making from your previous monetization provider. In other words, you can’t lose!


What about payment?

The great benefit of using our system, is that we take care of ALL relationships with parking providers and Zeroclick ad networks.  This means we use our own accounts and manage all payments internally.  We can therefore consolidate the domain income from each provider in a SINGLE payment to you at better then NET 30.


I like to see my domain stats, what do you offer for this?

We have 3 options:

  1. We can send a spreadsheet breakdown at the end of month
  2. We have a custom interface with secure login so you can see stats, charts, perform spreadsheet downloads, view how domains are monetized, and many other features
  3. We can also offer a stats API if you would like to import all the stats into your own database or interface


What does the full Faberbros management include?

Further to simply just monetizing your portfolio, our full management system includes domain protection (ie you will be protected from any ‘questionable’ domains), domain sales management, drops/renewals. You basically have to do nothing except receive a payment each month. Email us for more information: contact (at) faberbros.com