What we do

Faberbros is a specialist domain management company focused on managing, optimizing and acquiring high quality traffic domain names and portfolios. Faberbros invests in, and manages its own domain portfolio as well as managing a number of large investor owned portfolios (>$1,000,000). We highly value our investor and partner relationships, and spend considerable time strengthening them as well as developing new strategic relationships. We often take the opportunity to travel to conferences and meet with industry partners and develop new relationships.

How we do it

Even before Google and Yahoo started putting the hand brake on rev shares to parking providers, we were investigating other opportunities as an effective alternative to the monopoly that Google/Yahoo have had for so many years. Primarily this involved matching domain traffic with an advertiser and bypassing as many intermediaries as possible. Over the past 3-4 years, following this principle, many Zeroclick companies have established themselves as alternatives to Google/Yahoo parking. Each Zeroclick has developed their own advertiser relationships and methods to sell traffic. This is where Faberbros has seen an opportunity.

Revenue Guarantee

Using this system, we have seen significant improvements in revenue on our own and investor portfolios.  We’ve realized so much success through our new method, we can now offer a revenue guarantee for new clients.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information: contact (at) faberbros.com.